Rainbow Chair Ocean

The Rainbow Chair is the ultimate proof that open ended play is limitless and goes hand in hand with multifunctionality.

The Chair consists of 5 different parts that can be separated from each other, making the possibilities of use endless. Create a course, build, climb,... as well as combinations with other toys; the Rainbow chair will provide the best playing moments anytime and anywhere.

The super light material gives everyone the opportunity to move or lift the parts without any effort.

The Rainbow chair is multifunctional and can be used by everyone. This way it can be part of the interior and serve in daily habits. You can use this as a chair, step, bench, etc.

Colours :

  • Peach Pink
  • Gold
  • Turtle Green
  • Baby Blue
  • Ocean Blue

Dimensions: Ø25 x 40 cm

The Rainbow Chair improves:

  • Imagination
  • Interactive game
  • Play together
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Motor skills

TIP: The Rainbow Chair Ocean has the same colors as the Imagipath, ideal for expanding your MOES collection!

Room for creativity

The manual for playing with Moes is endless. Fun and creativity are central. In addition, this form of open-ended play stimulates the motor development of your child