MOES guidelines / FAQ

What are the MOES products made of? Are these dangerous?

Our products are made of EVA foam. This foam has a soft yet firm structure. Since it also weighs little, our products are easy to move (even for the smallest among us).

Of course, all our products are non-toxic (phthalate and BPA free) and are tested down to the smallest detail according to European standards (EN71 safety of toys).

Since our products are made of EVA foam, they are also slightly deformable. This means that bite marks or other forms of impressions can remain visible in the product.

We also always recommend to keep the products sufficiently away from fire and heating.
Choking Hazard: To avoid choking - do not eat.

Colors and shapes may vary slightly from product to product. Each MOES is, as it were, 100% unique!

How to keep it clean?

The material makes it very easy to keep the products clean. This can be done in various ways:

    • Using wet wipes
    • Wet a rag / sponge with water and rub gently


How much weight can the product bear?

On average, our products can carry 40 to 50 kg. If this differs, this will be indicated on the box or manual.

Good to know:

MOES toys can and may be used outside. Here we recommend that the toy is not exposed to strong sunlight continuously or for a long time. This can cause discoloration. 

The toys from MOES can and may be used in water, here we recommend not to leave the toys in the water for a long time or continuously to prevent damage. As for the bath toys, there is no problem with long-term use of the water.



How to use?

The figures challenge children to learn new motor skills. It is therefore recommended to always play under adult supervision. Various examples can be found on the website and in the packaging of the product you have purchased.

The products should be used with all caution as certain skill is required to avoid falls that could potentially cause injury.

Children under the age of 3 are advised to always use the products for swinging, balancing, climbing, building a trail, etc. under adult supervision.
Always use the above articles on a flat surface to play, sit, build,... . Here we always advise that the larger items such as play blocks are always used horizontally on a flat surface with the maximum possible contact surface for maximum stability during play.

As a parent or adult, always be aware of the different play and use options when rocking, rolling, tilting, balancing, building a course, etc.

Make sure that the child is always up to the game opportunity or challenge of open ended play.

Never let your child play unsupervised in the water, swimming pool, bath or shower. Keep the product away from heat sources.