MOES is a Belgian brand that develops sustainable design toys.

Our goal is to stimulate children's creativity and motor skills in a fun and original way with contemporary and unique creations.

At Moes we strongly believe in 'open ended play'. We create toys that encourage children to use and develop their own imagination. Our designs are not only functional, but also fit seamlessly into any interior. This way we not only make the child happy, but also the parents. Moreover, this stimulates the spontaneity of playing. The products can always be left in the room and are immediately ready for use. A home with children must ultimately be characterized by their presence. So leave that MOES lying around!

The versatility of our items extends beyond toys; they can also be used as a bench, step stool and more, adding a practical and functional aspect to children's everyday lives. They can also serve as decoration in the living room or children's room.

MOES products not only stimulate motor skills and creativity, they also invite interaction and teamwork. Each piece invites discovery and offers countless possibilities for combinations during play. We think this is crucial! Experience fun and unforgettable moments together with the whole family, friends, grandma & grandpa. The products are suitable for different ages and grow with the children. Small or large, everyone can have fun with the Moes..
Naturally, the safety of your child is of great importance. That is why our items are always tested before they appear on the market. The material we use is soft but sturdy, allowing children to play safely. Moreover, it is easily washable, recyclable and free of toxic substances, so parents can watch with peace of mind while the children enjoy our products.

At Moes we strive to not only deliver high-quality toys, but also to have a positive impact on the lives of children and the world around us. Our passion continually drives us to create innovative designs that promote playful learning.

Discover the world of Moes, where play, creativity and sustainability come together to inspire and let children's imaginations flourish.

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Lots of fun!