Imagipath is a versatile play set consisting of 8 parts that can be put together in different ways to form a course. Children can create a walking route to walk along or use the track as a race track for cars and other toys. The set offers the freedom to create circular, meandering or imaginative arrangements. Ideal for all ages to become familiar with courses and 'the floor is lava' game, thanks to the optimal height of the pieces."

This set improves:

  • Imagination
  • Interactive game
  • Play together
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Motor skills

Contents of the set:

8 Pieces 4 different colors.

TIP: Combine this set with one of the MOES block sets or with the Rainbow chair for endless fun creating courses.

Room for creativity

The manual for playing with Moes is endless. Fun and creativity are central. In addition, this form of open-ended play stimulates the motor development of your child